Education Ministry

Education Ministry

Seventh-day Adventist education in the Queensboro Church focuses on “SAFE” schools (Ps 90: 1-8).

Ministry Overview

My friends always tell me, “Be Safe” and so I am saying to you “Be SAFE”. In a time of violence, and “reprobate minds (Rom 1:28), the Lord has established schools of the prophets as cities of refuge. That’s why our schools are “SAFE”. There are cities of refuge.

We have a vision for schools that are SPIRITUALLY sound, ACADEMICALLY rigorous, FINANCIALLY responsible, and EXCELLENT in service. We will develop outcomes for each of these features so that every student can have a “safe” package and a “safe” passage.

The Seventh-day Adventist church has the largest educational system of Protestant denominations in the United States, and the second largest system worldwide. Our K-12 system in the Northeastern Conference is the largest of all regional conferences with over 17 schools, 124 teachers and 2000 students. Several of our schools have individuals with doctoral qualifications on staff. We make decisions through collaboration and cooperation in a spirit of transformational leadership.

We have just appointed a new bi-lingual principal (English-Spanish) for the Jamaica School and we have on board doctoral qualified faculty and persons who are working towards their doctorates at our Hartford School, our R.T. Hudson School, our Jamaica School, our academy and at our Berea School in Boston.

We have the services of a supervisor in special and education, elementary education and we are on an intensive program of re-certifying teachers.

Please receive these features on Adventist Education from the Review because all of our children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children” (Isa. 54: 13, KJV)”. “One of the treasured values of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is Christian education. True education is the intersection where faith and learning intersect, where Christian principles are passed on to future generations.”

Queensboro Church Education Department 2014-2015 School Calendar Info

Please take not of the following:

1. The School Year Calendar for 2014-2015 meets the NY, MA and CT State Education Department requirement of a minimum of 180 days in all schools.

2. In the event that snow days exceed two days, then the week of June 15, 2015 will be used for make-up days.

3. All requests for shortened sessions resulting in early dismissals of students and any other changes in this calendar must be submitted for review and approval. Subsequent to receiving approval, 4 weeks prior notification to parents must be provided.